Every town, state, and country has its own myths and urban legends, including Michigan.

And there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of them. Why do you think there are so many forums dedicated to talking about them?

Michigan Urban Legends

But among the myths and urban legends, specifically the ones about Michigan, have you ever heard of the Corn Monster?

I've lived in Michigan my entire life, and I had never heard of the corn monster. That is, until recently...

I literally looked up, "interesting facts about Michigan", and one of those facts was about Michigan's Corn Monster. Here's what I learned...

The Corn Monster of Michigan

Situated between central and northern Michigan lies the village of Winn. It's located near the intersection of S. Winn Rd. and W. Blanchard Rd. in Fremont Township, Isabella County, about 12 miles southwest of Mount Pleasant.

According to Grandpa Shorter's,

Locals around Wynn claim a monster lurks in the cornfields in the area. A shadowy figure that looks like a large, disheveled man, emerges from the stalks and scares anyone driving in the rural area late at night.

There's actually an account of one such instance from a truck driver who was taking a break one day.

Stories About Corn Monster of Winn, Michigan

Back in 2003, a Schwann truck driver pulled over onto West Coe Road to take a break to eat his lunch. After which, he got out of his truck to stretch his legs. However, locals had warned him about that road's history with the corn monster...

Out of the corn five feet in front of me something apeared. It looked unexplainable, dark dirty manlike.

After being thoroughly spooked, the driver screamed, hopped back into his truck, and took off.

I'll tell you what... scary movies and stories have taught me enough in life that one should never be spending too much time, or any at all for that matter, in or near creepy cornfields.

Now that you know about the Corn Monster of Michigan, get educated about some other spooky Michigan legends.

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