I have nothing against air travel. I know it's statistically safer than driving and significantly faster. But being a full-blooded, born and bred Michigander, if the destination is driveable, chances are I'm choosing a road trip over a flight. I'm not alone, either. A whopping 73% of us would rather hit the road than the air for our vacation escapades.

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What makes road trips irresistible to Michiganders? A recent survey commissioned by Michelin and conducted by OnePoll found that it's all about the view. According to the survey results, 50% of us have fallen in love with the changing scenery. Let's face it: We were fortunate in Michigan to have a diverse landscape, unlike northern Ohio—it's so flat! Michigan has lakeshores and forests at nearly every turn.

Why Michiganders Prefer Wheels Over Wings

Wheels Over Wings: Michigan's Road Trip Love Affair

Personally, I love scanning radio stations for the perfect soundtrack when I'm on the road, and so do 43% of those surveyed who say music is a must. Rolling down your window and belting out your favorite tunes helps us to break free from the routines we are locked in (26% need that escape).

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Being in control is also a significant factor for many Michiganders. However, 25% of us prefer road trips over flying because we genuinely enjoy the feel of the pedal beneath our feet. Michigan and cars have been tied together since the Model-A rolled off the line, and someone asked, "Where are we going?"

Wheels Over Wings: Michigan's Road Trip Love Affair

About 43% of us feel we are seasoned road trip veterans and know how to prepare our trusty vehicles to beat our navigation system's estimated arrival time. Not everyone wants to drive, though; 45% prefer to be behind the wheel, 22% are happy to ride along, and 28% like to share their driving duties.

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If you are a passenger princess or prince, please refrain from asking, "Are we there yet?", 27% identified that question as their biggest pet peeve. So Michigan, good luck, happy travels, watch for deer and tell your folks I said hi.

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Gas up the car, grab those road munchies and a roadtrip partner that you can trust, and head out on some of Michigan's most unique roads and routes. Make sure you take lots of photos and video!

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