There’s something to be said when you take an established restaurant, make it your own, and are able to hold the business down for nearly a decade, which is exactly what State Street Diner in Hastings did. After serving as a Big Boy Restaurant for 20 years, the State Street family decided that they would make it their own, which is when the State Street Diner officially opened over 8 years ago.

Terry and Lee Campbell put their heart and soul into the diner and are now going to retire. They recently made the announcement that the final day as the State Street Diner will be on June 27 as they'll officially be closing at 3 pm.

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Hastings has been a very supportive community and we have formed close relationships with many of you. It is a bittersweet feeling for us as we make this transition; as this community and our State Street "family" will be dearly missed. We look forward to relaxing, traveling, and seeing more of our family. We hope to see many of you in this next week to say our goodbyes and thank you again for your support throughout the years.

There's been so much outpour of love for them, you really can tell how much of an impact they made on this community, and we wish them well on their retirement.

Enjoy your retirement!!! You both deserve it. I loved working for Lee, for the many years I was employed there. I have a lot of wonderful memories and met so many wonderful people during my time with Lee and Terri. -Heather S.

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