Sometimes you find a home that looks a little too good to be true. But of course, you have to at least SEE for sure, right? Case and point, this isolated country plantation-style home in Indiana. Beautiful on the outside, and in the main rooms, nothing too suspicious.

But the deeper you get into this home, the more you wonder what REALLY went on here... and which cult probably called this place headquarters.

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This beautiful home in Anderson, Indiana recently went up for sale for a pretty decent price, if we're being honest. A 6 bedroom home with five full bathrooms, and four half-baths on nearly 5 acres... all for only $650,000? Nah, something's going on here for sure.

The front room is elegant, and big with a spiraling staircase to the second floor. The dining room simple, and clean with an incredible view, and the library is warm, quiet, and inviting. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this place is actually oka...

Indiana Cult mansion
Zillow/F.C. Tucker/Prosperity

...OH... nope, that's a weird, ominous hallway with pillars and clouds painted on it. Why do I feel like they're using this as some "passageway to the next great realm" kind of vibe?

And as you'll see in the gallery below, the house just gets stranger with oddly small bathrooms with just a toilet and a sink in some cases, what looks like an "ante" room with secret doors leading into a chamber of some kind. But maybe the strangest room is a LARGE, green-tile room with an in-floor bathtub (?) directly in front of a LARGE window, and surrounded by multiple chairs.

Zillow/F.C. Tucker/Prosperity
Zillow/F.C. Tucker/Prosperity

(I HOPE that's a bathtub, but no scenario here seems normal... seriously, what is this room?)

In addition to the creepy bathtub room, you also have:

  • A Clock Closet
  • A Map Room
  • Secret Basement Chambers
  • A Single Bowling Lane
  • A bathroom "preparation room?"
  • and what is DEFINITELY not a secret society lounge

This house definitely has some stories in the walls that may only give up their secrets to its next owner.

Will that be you?

Did a Cult Live in this Indiana Mansion?

Gallery Credit: Zillow/F.C. Tucker/Prosperity


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