Paw Paw elementary school teacher gains TikTok popularity during prank war.

Kirsten Marie is the second Paw Paw teacher that we've featured on TikTok Tuesday.  Kirsten's profile @kirstenmarie313 has 103.6 thousand followers and 2.7 million total video likes.  Her TikTok account has many videos showing tricks and tips for teaching.  However, her most viewed videos tend to revolve around a prank war with another teacher.

Kirsten Marie had a huge viral video in January 2021.  In this video, Kristen shares a teaching hack to keep her students on track.  This video has been viewed 8.7 million times with 2.2 likes so far.

Kirstin's second most viewed video involves a googly eye prank on Mr. Shutes.  This video has been viewed 900 thousand times and has received 50.4 thousand times.

As the prank war continues, another Paw Paw teacher leaves a hidden noise maker somewhere in Kirstin's class.  Lucky for her she has a room full of detectives.  This video has been viewed 431.2 thousand times with 40.2 thousand likes.

In this edition of the prank war between two Paw Paw Elementary school teachers, Kirstin Marie gets a card for Mr. Shutes.  This isn't just any card. LOL  This video has been viewed 332.4 thousand times with 25.7 thousand times.

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