Recently I took a trip down to Austin and hung out with my good friends Dom and Chad. We had a Sunday Funday with plenty to eat and drink. When it comes to booze they both swear by a big old bloody mary.

What's In A Bloody Mary

A typical Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail known for its savory and spicy flavors.

Bloody Mary Drink

The basic ingredients for a Bloody Mary include Vodka, Tomato Juice, Lemon Juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Hot Sauce, Celery Salt, Black Pepper and Garnishes.

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I've tried to drink a bloody mary several times in my life and regardless of if it was made at a bar or a friend's house, they were never really my thing. While I don't like the taste, I do love all the little snacks that sometimes come stacked on top of a bloody mary.

Bloody Mary drink
Toni Osmunds via Unsplash

I recently saw the article "Michigan’s Top 5 Outrageous Bloody Marys For Your Enjoyment" from Shannon Renee at 105.1 The Bounce in Detroit, highlighting some of the best that you can get on the east side of the state. I'm still not interested in drinking a bloody mary because I'm just not a fan of the vodka/tomato juice combo in my mouth, but with the outrageous amount of garnishes that come on top of them it certainly piqued my interest and my appetite.

If you're looking for a bloody mary that stands out from the rest these are some of the most outrageous ones you can enjoy right here in Michigan. I've also shared some of the best places to enjoy a bloody mary in West Michigan.

These Are Some of the Best Bloody Marys on The East Side of Michigan

You can see Shannon Renee's full list and why she chose these impressive-looking cocktails here.

Boone's Prime Time Pub In Sutton's Bay

Clio Roadhouse Bar & Grill In Clio

Mallie's Sports Grill In Southgate

River Raisin Distillery In Manchester

You Gotta Try These Bloody Marys Found On The West Side of Michigan

These bloody marys may not look as outrageous as the ones you can find on the east side, but should still hit the spot for any bloody mary lover.

Birch Lodge in Grand Rapids

Bobcats Bonnies in Grand Rapids

Rockwell Republic in Grand Rapids

Steel Cat Bar In Grand Rapids

Sundance Grill and Bar in Grand Rapids

The Holiday Bar in Grand Rapids

The Winchester in Grand Rapids

If You Want a Great (and Pretty Awesome-Looking) Bloody Mary in the U.P.

My friends also tell me that THIS bloody mary from Les Cheneux Distillers in the Upper Peninsula (Cedarville, Michigan, to be precise) is one of the best around. (And check out that garnish!)

If you know of a place that serves up a great bloody mary like the ones above share it with me by clicking here.

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