Grand Rapids police were pelted with bottles over the weekend when trying to establish crowd control after an event at Rosa Parks Circle.

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Rosa Parks Circle

For over 150 years the area where Rosa Parks Circle is located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been the centerpiece of the city. From ice skating, ice sculptures, and the big Christmas tree in the winter, to concerts, ArtPrize, cultural festivals, weekly dance classes and aerobic classes, speeches, charity events, food truck events, and so much more during the warmer months.

Since 1995, Rosa Parks Circle is not only a memorial to the civil rights activist Rosa Parks but a place everyone should feel safe to enjoy the city of Grand Rapids. Over the weekend an event went turned ugly at Rosa Parks Circle at a concert.

Unruly Crowd Near Rosa Parks Circle Causing Problems in Grand Rapids

A lot of younger folks came into Grand Rapids Saturday, June 24 to check out the River City Summer Jam with Z-Bo & Fenton for the Beach Boyz event. There was a fight that broke out around 8:30 so police were called to the area.

According to FOX 17, people that were leaving the area told police they heard a gunshot go off in the area but police in the area heard nothing, and no victim or shell casings were found.

Hundreds of the attendees from the concert were dancing and partying in the street on Ottawa Avenue near Fulton St. Cops were called again a second time as vehicles were doing burnouts and attempted to disperse the crowd but were met with people throwing bottles at the officers until reinforcements arrived. One person did get arrested.

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