A Michigan man named Corey Harris found himself in hot water after logging on to his virtual court hearing via Zoom while driving a car, despite having a suspended driver's license.

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Judge J. Cedric Simpson stunned by what he saw and was forced him to take action.

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During the hearing, Harris joined the Zoom call from inside his vehicle, where it was obvious to everyone that he was behind the wheel.

Credit: Canva / Fox 2 Detroit via YouTube
Credit: Canva / Fox 2 Detroit via YouTube

When Judge Simpson asked Harris if he was driving, he nonchalantly responded that he was parking for a doctor's appointment.

Judge Simpson expressing his astonishment said

"So, maybe I don't understand something. This is a driving while license suspended case, and he was just driving, and he didn't have a license?"


Faced with the undeniable evidence Judge Simpson had no choice but to revoke his bond and order him to surrender himself to the Washtenaw County jail by 6 p.m. that day.

Harris, visibly shocked by what the judge said could only utter, "Oh my god."

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Two days after the incident, Harris was released from custody, but he is scheduled to appear in court again on June 5th, potentially facing additional consequences for his actions during the ill-advised Zoom call.

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