A Michigan lawmaker is in hot water and facing repercussions for what he shared online.

Credit: gophouse.org
Credit: gophouse.org

Michigan lawmaker Rep. Josh Schriver who represents Michigan’s 66th House District reposted a tweet on social media platform X (formally Twitter) about 'the great replacement'.

What Is The Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory?

The Great Replacement, also known as the replacement theory, is a white nationalist far-right conspiracy theory that alleges a deliberate effort to replace the white population in the United States and Western European countries with non-white immigrants, primarily from Muslim, African, and Middle Eastern countries.

The theory claims that this replacement is being orchestrated by left-leaning domestic or international elites, sometimes including Jewish co-conspirators, and is facilitated by non-white demographic growth and lower birth rates among white Europeans.

The theory has been widely discredited by mainstream scholars as rooted in a misunderstanding of demographic statistics and premised upon a racist worldview.

Michigan Lawmaker In Trouble After Racist Social Media Post

On Monday Michigan House Speaker Joe Tate, condemned Schriver's actions, stating that the Michigan House of Representatives would not serve as a platform for "racist, hateful, and bigoted speech."

Credit: SpeakerJoeTate via X
Credit: SpeakerJoeTate via X

As a result, Tate removed Schriver from his committee assignment and reassigned his staff, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment within the House.

Michigan Governor Whitmer Speaks On State's Primary Election Day
Bill Pugliano, Getty Images

Governor Gretchen Whitmer also criticized his post, labeling it as "abhorrent rhetoric" and asserting that such actions would not divide the community.

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