We all know that Police K9 Officers exist, and have been a pretty common staple at departments across the world for over a century. First being used in Belgium in the late 1800s, before making their way to the US in 1907. At that point, we realized that man's best friend can also be our best ally when it comes to fighting crime.

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But, rarely do you see one of our other favorite pets helping out around the Police Station. However, West Michigan has one of the only feline police officers in America.

Meet Donut

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In honor of National Pet Day on April 11th, the Kentwood Police Department in Kent County shared on Facebook that they have a unique animal officer that most people may not be aware of, Donut the cat.

The Kentwood PD shared the story of Donut on their Facebook post, saying that he started off as a friend of the neighborhood who stopped by to say hi. Over time, the officers got endeared to him and asked his owners if he could come live with them forever. They agreed, the department got him microchipped, and now he's got his own badge and space in the Kentwood Police Department.

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You won't see Donut out on the road like some of his K9 officer brothers and sisters, but he's still there to make sure everyone has a warm fuzzy at the end of the day, and that's a pretty important role.

Thanks for sharing Donut with us for National Pet Day, Kentwood Police Department. We now hope that every station gets a feline friend.

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