Grand Rapids has a very well-known fast food place that people love to talk about on social media.

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I won't dive into that story right now, but if you're curious and have a few minutes you gotta read more about The Taco Bell on Michigan Street.

Did You See The McScuffle At A Grand Rapids McDonalds?

A video has been posted on social media and has now been dubbed 'The McScuffle At Mcdonalds.'

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The fight took place at a Grand Rapids McDonald's located at 1246 Leonard St NE.

Which is near the corner of Leonard and Fuller and across the street from Family Fare

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google maps

This isn't my typical McDonald's, but I've been through several times for a vanilla ice cream cone and the service was good and my order was correct.


But for some customers like Eric Moore that wasn't the case today and thanks to the video he posted on Facebook we now it's because of 'The McScuffle at McDonald's'.


Along with posting the video, he included a description of what happened.

So I was at McDonald's in the drive thru and nobody was taking my order for like 5 minutes. Turns out there was a McScuffle in the kitchen that spilled out into the streets. Ol girl took her shirt off


I would like to publicly salute Eric for introducing me to the word 'McScuffle"

I don't know if the woman with her shirt off started the fight but I wouldn't mess with her.

WATCH: The McScuffle At McDonalds

Due to the sensitive nature of the video, we didn't want to host it here, but you can check it out on Facebook here.

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