I can't imagine the panic and horror that a family must go through when they realize that their child has gone missing and they have no clue where they could be.

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A family in Geneva Township, Michigan near 68th Street and Baseline Road recently went through this when their 3-year-old toddler was able to open up a front window screen and take off on foot.

On Monday afternoon, a toddler in a diaper was reported missing to the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office.

Credit: Van Buren Sherriff's Office
Credit: Van Buren Sherriff's Office

A team of law enforcement officers assembled and hit the ground and air via drones from South Haven Area Emergency Services Authority and Great Lakes Drones looking for the missing boy.

Flying quadrocopter, remote controlled drone with camera

Where Was The Missing Toddler Found?

Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott shared with Wood TV where they found the missing toddler.

Credit: Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office
Credit: Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office

“He was just on the southwest corner of a lake area that was there. And just south of that was a big pond. This little child actually walked on a peninsula between the two. So if he had went to the right or the left, we probably would have had a different result, That was our biggest fear going into this. I’m familiar with that area, a lot of us are familiar with that area. … So we knew not only was there streams there, these ponds and that bigger lake was there. And that was our biggest fear right from the get-go. That was just gut-wrenching.”


Great job Kuno!

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