I may break a few hearts with this one.

Even as a little kid, I was never a big fan of soda (or pop as Michiganders say).

I was definitely not one of the kids that had to try extremely weird flavors.

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With Michigan soda brands like Faygo, Vernors, etc., there are definitely a few soda flavors that are extremely weird to me.

I know that I missed a few but here are a few of the weirdest flavors from Faygo and Northwood Soda.

Faygo Cotton Candy

The flavor name says it all. If you are a fan of cotton candy, you may be a fan of this exact flavor because

"every memory you've ever had while eating cotton candy will immediately come flowing back."

I do not know if drinking liquid cotton candy sounds like a great idea to me.

Faygo Candy Apple





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If you cannot get enough candy apples this season, this may be a different alternative for you.

"Enjoy the same taste of a fresh candied apple without getting any of it stuck in your teeth."

They might have a new interested fan because of the description alone. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a candy apple without it getting stuck in your teeth?

Faygo Rock & Rye

Rock & Rye seems to be a very popular and interesting flavor. Even my coworker, Big Joe, is a fan of this specific flavor. The website describes this flavor as

"like cream soda, but with a delicious cherry (maybe) twist."

Faygo even has a pickle flavor that you could buy for a limited time.

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Northwood Soda's The Kiss: Rhubarb Lavender Soda Water

This flavor just concerns me purely because of the added rhubarb.

Can't judge a book by its cover, right? Well, unfortunately, I am. While I have never had rhubarb in my life, I do not know how it would taste in a soda.

Northwood Soda's Wild Eve Forbidden Fruit

This name intrigued me when I was looking down the roster of flavors that Northwood Soda has. Thankfully the description explains it all.

"This creative seasonal flavor mixes local apple cider with Northwoods Soda Ginger Ale. The apple cider is what you will taste first and it finishes with just a slight bite from the ginger ale."

Now, if apple cider and ginger ale don't sound good to you, I am genuinely so sorry. However, I am excited to try this flavor now.

Northwood Soda's Yellow Snow

I had to dig deep and scower the internet for what the flavor could possibly taste like. With a flavor name like 'Yellow Snow,' I felt like it would be a weird flavor.

However, Northwood Soda proved me wrong since on FoodBevg they describe it as their citrus soda.

If you want to go a weirder route with their winter flavors, you can try 'Thin Ice' as well.

"Thin Ice is a white cream soda with a hint of mint which is great by itself or a fun mixer for your holiday celebrations."

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