This is a list of big, influential and/or important rock and metal albums that turn 20 in 2024.

Because there were more than a handful that emerged those two decades ago, back in 2004, and they really ran the gamut — alternative rock, classic rock, grindcore, hard rock, metalcore, sludge metal, thrash metal and more all represented in kind. It was a great year for rock and metal music.

Are you ready to take a trip down rock and metal memory lane? Or maybe learn something new about the rock and metal music from 2004?

Read the list down toward the bottom of the post.

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2004 Rock + Metal Albums Turning 20

In 2004, albums from rock and metal bands such as Green Day, Lamb of God, Mastodon, My Chemical Romance and Slipknot ruled the day. But that's not all — there are plenty more to be considered.

In fact, in the end, we couldn't even contain this list to 20 — there are just that many defining rock and metal albums from 2004. So we've gone a little over to give you more than 20 significant rock and metal albums that turn 20 in 2024. See them all below.

What would you add?

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