After sharing a post on X claiming that Motley Crue's new music was a "powerful cross between country and hip-hop," Nikki Sixx has come forward, mocking the media for reporting what turned out to be his blatant act of deception that took many fans for a ride.

The band has been working on new music with guitarist John 5 and it appears fans will hear it sooner than later. "New Crue coming up right around the corner," Sixx shared on April 4, "People who have heard it say it's a powerful cross between country and hip-hop."

However, now fans can not be certain which part of that statement is true, if any.

Sixx shared a followup post on X on April 6, clarifying that he was just making it all up regarding the musical direction of forthcoming Motley Crue music.

"Media running with a joke about new Motley Crue music just shows how they can be unprofessional and irresponsible," Sixx cried out, acknowledging the falsehood of his own post. Two days earlier, fans expressed utter confusion while commenting directly on his post that described the new music.

Always keen on mocking the media, he believes the media "just saw an opportunity for clickbait to sell ads."

He said "this stuff always make me laugh" and then made another comparison to the band's new music. It has not been verified whether Sixx was also joking about that music being "kinda reggae EDM." It's perhaps a bit bold to assume, but we believe that is a joke.

Here are two of Sixx's responses to the widespread reporting, which quoted his words directly:

Should Fans be Skeptical of What Nikki Sixx Says on Social Media?

Sixx consistently calls on the media to "cross check" or verify certain things that he openly states, implying that what he shares on social should be met with some deal of skepticism.

In other words, be cautious and, unless every post is independently verified by a third party, do not assume it is entirely truthful.

Until clarifying that his original statement was a joke, even without widespread media reporting, many fans took Sixx's bait. With the band's past dabbling in industrial rock, drummer Tommy Lee's known love of rap, hip-hop and electronic beat-based music and Sixx's recent collaboration with country superstar Dolly Parton, fans didn't see much reason to feel the Crue bassist was intentionally deceiving them.

Without the media reporting, it is not clear when or if Sixx would have followed up with fans to let them know he was only kidding in a post made three days after April Fool's Day.

Other Conflicting Information from Motley Crue

In recent years, Motley Crue have also offered conflicting statements about their use of backing tracks on their stadium tour.

After parting ways with Mick Mars and becoming entangled in a lawsuit, Motley Crue sought sworn statement from crew members, which were shared in April of 2023. They went on the record stating that the band utilized backing tracks as a cover for Mars' alleged inadequacies onstage.

Less than one month later, the band commented on a Facebook post in response to a fan who criticized "the backing tracks tour." Crue said, "This is the summer tour footage for fuck's sake. There were no backing tracks for band members."

In the summer of 2022, video surfaced showing a pre-recorded drum count-in, which was heard while Lee was not striking his drum kit with his sticks. Loudwire reached out to Motley Crue for comment, but received a response stating that the band was not currently fielding media requests.

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