This is apparently what happens when emo kids become emo adults — a couple who met at Emo Night karaoke recently said "I do" in the church featured in a My Chemical Romance video.

It Wasn't Just A Phase

Vanessa and Jordan told People they met through friends while attending a karaoke event.

Jordan asked for Vanessa's number before they left for the night. The months to follow brought romantic dates with Korean barbecue and a shared love of music.

Then, Jordan popped the question.

"When we first started talking about the wedding, I joked, 'what if we get married in the 'Helena' music video church?'" Vanessa told People. "I'm a big My Chemical Romance fan and we had gone to an event they always have there called 'Ghouls Day Out.'"

The 2005 music video for "Helena" shows My Chemical Romance performing at a funeral for a woman that shares her name with the song title. There's crying, dancing, a body rising from the dead and Gerard Way mourning.

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The video is set at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. The church also has been featured in films such as John Wick and The Amazing Spider-Man.

"I knew I wanted to have either my wedding or my funeral there,"

Keeping With The Theme

Once the wedding day rolled around, Vanessa and Jordan added little touches that reminded them of the "Helena" video even if not all of their guests got the references.

Their programs featured a design similar to what is seen on the funeral program in the video. Candles lit up the venue, much like it did for My Chemical Romance. Vanessa also walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of "Helena."

While it was a lot of work for the couple, Vanessa called the wedding "a dream come true."

Since the day of the wedding, Vanessa and Jordan recently returned to the church for a much different celebration. They filmed a video for TikTok to announce they are expecting a baby in December.

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