Apple just announced a plethora of new updates yesterday (June 10), including a new AirPods feature that could be trouble for metalheads.

The tech giant's annual Worldwide Developers Conference took place yesterday in Cupertino, Calif., and they unveiled a few new features coming to various devices. The biggest announcements included the all-new Apple Intelligence, the integration of ChatGPT into Siri and some other updates.

One feature that could be bothersome for metalheads is one that's being added to AirPods Pro, Apple's wireless bluetooth headphones, which will detect head gestures as commands for a hands-free experience.

Thus, users can interact with Siri with a head nod to say yes and a shake to say no, allowing them to answer calls, text messages and other utilize other features without speaking or using their hands.

Apple's website states that this AirPods Pro update, in addition to Voice Isolation (for clearer vocal delivery in windy and noisy environments) and Personalized Spatial Audio, will go into effect this fall.

The new AirPods Pro are currently priced at $249.

As some AirPods users have pointed out online, it'll be beneficial to not have to speak to Siri in public... and risk looking like you're talking to yourself.

But what does this mean for metalheads? Well, if you're nodding or headbanging along to Slipknot or one of your other favorite metal bands and a text or a call comes in, you might accidentally respond to it without even realizing it.

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So make sure you have your settings adjusted to your liking so that doesn't happen, or perhaps turn Siri Interactions off.

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