Hi Idiots.


The name of our morning show is one of the most recognizable in the industry mainly due to the absurdity of this name. Many a conversation has been had when you mention the show's name to someone, and it is usually followed by a look of confusion and an "it's called what?". Our silly name got us nominated for the Hall of Fame, but if we were to change our name going forward, what should it be?


Canva / BrianAJackson


We asked the people who know the show the best (all of you) for some recommendations and, wow, did you lot have some recommendations. In 24 hours, we got 300 different suggestions. I did the dirty work and waded through all the entries and these were the ones that best represented the show in all its questionable glory. Thank you to everyone who participated.


Let's get into it, starting with the most liked suggestion out of all the submissions and one that made Free Beer chuckle and contemplate for a second:

Angela's submission: The Circle Jerks

It's fitting considering the team sits around an almost-circle table and certainly has jerks around it, and the double meaning is pretty solid. Bravo.


From here, we'll list out the honorable mentions:

William said: The Divas and Divorcés. (It really be like that, huh.)


Eric ordered a: Triple Ham & Cheese with Tom-Maiters (Personally thought this was very clever and made my tummy rumble)


Photo by Petr Magera on Unsplash
Photo by Petr Magera on Unsplash


Brian suggested: Beyond the Glass with Tommy (I have a personal bias here, but that also just sounds like a totally BA name)


Another Eric was super creative: Old Dudes & Young Gals in the Morning (You can figure out who is who)


Russ dropped this: The Lovermen and Scissor Sisters with "Special" guest, Greggy Gunge (Big fan of the gunge bring up, that phrase has really taken off. Plus, this incorporates everyone and the double GG for Greggy is a nice touch ;) )


FBHW / Canva
FBHW / Canva


Another Angela made me laugh: Poles and Holes (simple and inclusive.)


And finally, this one was bound to happen and is a little easter egg for those that got this far,

Bob and Tom, The Not Bob and Tom Show, Bob and Tom Jr, Bob and Tom Lite, etc


I expected this one. But yes, those are the ones y'all submitted and I love the interaction from all of you.

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