After a horrible road trip out west, the Detroit Tigers are back home for ten games. They opened up their home stand with a 5-3 win over the Kansas City Royals last night. Justin Verlander pitched well and Miguel Cabrera hit a critical home run to take the lead. Detroit is now 34-42 this season.

Are things looking up? They've won back-to-back games and now they are home for an extended period. The Tigers typically play well at home. They are 19-16 at Comerica Park this season. Can they get back into the playoff hunt?

Miami Marlins v Detroit Tigers
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No. This team is done. They can't consistently get hits and pitch well in the same game. Manager Brad Ausmus seems to have lost his team. He makes questionable moves and his team often comes out flat and plays with zero energy.

The Tigers don't have the pitching to turn this season around. As a team, Detroit is ranked 25th in the league in pitching. They have a team ERA of 4.83. The only consistent pitcher they seem to have is Michael Fulmer.

They are right around the middle of the pack offensively. As a team, the Tigers are ranked 14th in the league. This is lower than what we've been accustomed to. Detroit has been notorious for having a high-powered lineup in previous years.

Let's face it. This team has been preventing the inevitable for the past couple of seasons. Signing Jordan Zimmerman and Justin Upton last year was a cover-up. After missing the postseason for second consecutive season in 2016, Detroit seemingly has the same team in 2017. What did they think would change?

Detroit needs to sell at the trade deadline and let this rebuilding stage begin. They have players that could help teams that are in contention. J.D. Martinez, Justin Upton, and Ian Kinsler have been rumored as potential selling pieces for the Tigers.

The Tigers need to find a new manager once this season ends as well. Ausmus inherited a very good baseball team in 2014 and hasn't been able to make any impact. That isn't completely his fault but he does deserve his fair share of the blame.

There's a chance this team could turn things around. It would take something drastic. If it hasn't happened yet, why would anything change now? We're almost to the halfway point and Detroit hasn't fixed any of their problems. Its time for something new.

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