Grand Rapids has a hot week up ahead but what was the hottest day on record in the city?

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This Will Be a Hot Week in Grand Rapids

It's gonna be hot this week in Grand Rapids so if you have been looking forward to a hot day on the beach you will have several days to choose from.

The heat from the southwestern part of the United States is finally making its way to West Michigan this week.

It is normally around the lower 80s in West Michigan this time of year but later this week temperatures will heat 92 degrees and won't get back to normal until this Sunday.

What Was the Highest Temperature on Record in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

You have to go all the way back to July 13, 1936, when the hottest day on record in Grand Rapids was a scorching 108 degrees. The second hottest day on record was the day before when the temperature hit 106 degrees on July 12, 1036.

The last time Grand Rapids hit three-digit temperatures was on July 6, 2012, when temperatures rose to 104 degrees.

Last year West Michigan hit 95 on June 21 but this year the heat has not gotten past 91 but it will this Thursday when it will be 92.

When Was The Hottest Day Ever in Michigan?

The hottest day recorded in Michigan was on July 13, 1936, and even though it was 108 in Grand Rapids, in Mio the temperature reached all the way to 112 degrees.  Michigan wasn't the only state to set a record that day for heat, 14 other states recorded their hottest temperature during that same summer.

Tips on How You Can Survive a Heat Wave

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