Mmmm. I'm salivating already.

Today is Customer Appreciation Day at Jimmy John's which means $1 subs for everyone!

JJ is doing things a little differently this year, though. Normally, when the company has these special promotions, they do the offer during lunch but this time it's around dinner. So you can stop at your nearest Jimmy John's after work and get your dollar sub between 4p-8p. Expect long lines though! Below is a video I took from over a year ago in Downtown Grand Rapids. The line is wrapped around the building!

But from my experience last year, the line does move pretty quickly. Or rather should I say "freaky fast."

Craving the beach club? Unfortunately, the Jimmy John's website states that dollar subs only apply to menu items #1 through #6 plus the JJBLT. If you're thinking about getting delivery to avoid the lines, I don't blame you but note that that the promotion does NOT apply to delivery or drive-thru.

Also, if you're planning on picking up subs for the whole family, you're going to have to get back in line each time around. So technically the deal works as one sub per customer... but if you want more, just get back in line and order again and again and again.

You can find the participating locations here, but for the most part almost all the Jimmy John's in the Grand Rapids-area look to be a part of today's deal.

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