Call me crazy, but it is possible to be a U of M and MSU fan at the same time?

I was really excited to be able to watch the Michigan vs Michigan State game this weekend.

I kind of felt going into this game the Wolverines would have the upper hand after their commanding win over Minnesota. The Spartans on the other hand had a rough go with Rutgers so I kind of felt that the game against Michigan would be difficult.

Instead of getting a one-sided game with the Wolverines walking all over the Spartans, we got a really good game from both teams and MSU shocking U of M and many of us watching the game.

I was born in Michigan and grew up watching both Michigan and Michigan State football and basketball. I have rooted for both teams even during the same game.

When I lived in Indiana, I couldn't wait for Michigan or Michigan State to come to South Bend to take on Notre Dame. It was always a treat and I always rooted for either team to have their way with the Fighting Irish and many times they did.

I always tried to catch the Michigan and Michigan State games on TV or the radio even while not living in Michigan for 18 years. I guess watching a listening to them reminded me of home.

A lot of my friends are all blue or all green. I have fan gear for both teams. I love Michigan and I root for our home teams. Hell I have been a Detroit Lions fan for a lifetime and even after all the disappointments, I still root for the home team.

One thing a Michigan and Michigan State fan has in common, is we all don't like Ohio State.

During the Wolverine vs Spartans game this past weekend I was just happy to see a great game from both of my teams with MSU coming up the victor. Now hopefully they both will beat down Ohio State later this season.

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