You can call me crazy but over the holiday break I had to plow my driveway and I found myself enjoying it.

Don't get me wrong, when I was a kid I was not a fan of having to shovel the driveway. I think we got a lot more snow back then, but if I was shoveling the driveway, it meant it was a school day off which meant there was a lot of snow.

One thing shoveling my parents' driveway taught me, was how to make some extra money off of neighbors nearby. I made a lot of extra money shoveling driveways in order to go skiing with friends...but that didn't mean I enjoyed it.

About eight years ago I picked up an ATV that had a wench plus I got a snow blade added to the purchase. I had a pretty long driveway at the time and if the snow was ultra heavy it was a beast to shovel. The ATV solved the problem.

A buddy of mine suggested I just get a plow for my truck but to me it was that was a lot of money to use something a couple times a season. The ATV wasn't cheap but it allowed me to use it for more than plowing snow. I have hauled a lot of wood with the machine, checked trail cameras for hunting, set up blinds plus the joy of just doing some trail riding.

Well over the holiday break we finally got a load of snow that required me plowing the driveway. A guy driving down the road saw me plowing when I first got started and offered to plow my driveway with his truck and I said, no, I'm ok. He seemed surprised because it would have only taken him a short while to knock out the driveway with his plow. I on the other hand, was looking forward to digging my way out with the ATV.

It took me much longer to plow but some crazy reason, I enjoyed it. It was a pretty heavy snow where I live in Newaygo County but I was having a good time.

I have a long driveway plus a pretty big barn system that I like to keep plowed and it takes a while but for some reason I prefer plowing it with my ATV. Even after I'm done, I'm driving around looking for anything I missed or could expand on.

We have not gotten the normal amount of snow so I have only plowed once this season. I guess we will see if I still like plowing snow if we get dumped on a bunch in January and February but for now, I am alright with plowing snow and enjoying it at the same time.

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