There is no doubt that there are some people who just love taking selfies, but is it legal in Michigan to take one with your ballot?

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People Love Taking Selfies

duck face selfie

People love taking selfies and I have to admit that I like taking them with my son, those are some of my favorite pictures I have of us together.


People like taking selfies so much, several have died taking them in extreme locations. There was a 32-year-old woman visiting Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula who was taking a selfie too close to the edge of a 200-foot cliff when she fatally fell into Lake Michigan.

Group of diverse friends taking selfie together at the gym

Over 250 people have died taking selfies around the world. What we learn from this sad piece of data is that most people take selfies in safe locations or that number would be even higher.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few selfies show up on social media that were taken at polling stations during the election.

Is It Illegal to Take a Selfie With Your Michigan Ballot?


I have a feeling that the "I Voted" sticker will not be enough for some people who voted in the mid-term election and they will want to take a selfie with their ballot but is that legal in Michigan?

Studio Shot of a Ballot Box
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According to Click On Detroit, there are, in fact, some restrictions regarding selfies at polling stations. Voters are allowed to snap a photo with their ballot but you must be in an enclosed voting booth to do so.

Color image of some people voting in some polling booths at a voting station.

You are not allowed to hold up your ballot where others who are voting can see your ballot like at the desktop voting stations seen below.


If you have any questions about taking selfies at your polling station, just ask a poll worker where you vote.

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