In what may be the least surprising story ever, Inside Edition recently discovered that some guys are dirty old men looking to have sex with younger women!  What?!  Say it ain't so!

Everyone has seen at least one creepy online ad at one point or another.  And believe it or not, some people still post old-fashioned personal ads looking for personal assistants.  And in these cases, the people looking for a little help are older men, requiring the services of younger, attractive women.  So Inside Edition set up a little sting operation in which they replied to some of the ads, and they were shocked what they discovered.

They met up with a few different guys who had posted ads and in each case, they men revealed that along with the regular responsibilities of the job, they also wanted various sexual favors on the side.  Once the indecent proposal was made, the cameras came out and the men were confronted.

While it's fun to watch these creeps squirm uncomfortably, this is hardly breaking news.  Guys can be creeps.  Everyone knows that.

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