Juggalos and Juggalettes in Cali were disappointed when Insane Clown Posse cancelled an Oct. 22 concert at the North Park Observatory in San Francisco.

The issue? Faygo, Uproxx reports.

Apparently, the venue did not want to allow the band to have their favorite Detroit-based beverage on hand to complete the "Faygo shower", which is part of the ICP live experience.

"Juggalos, tonights show has been cancelled due to a dispute over Faygo. Were sorry! All tickets and VIP packages will be refunded soon. :("

ICP followed up with a statement on their website:

"Juggalos, tonight's show at the North Park Observatory has been cancelled over concerns of venue damage due to all the Faygo throwing. Well, it aint an Insane Clown Posse show without Faygo so that means we've been left with no choice but to call off the show...as stale as f*** as that is.

To all those SoCal/San Diego ninjas who bought tickets for tonight's show...WE'RE SORRY AS F****! You can get your tickets refunded at their point of purchase. To everyone who purchased a VIP package from Hatchet Gear, we'll be issuing you a refund promptly. However, WE ARE STILL MAILING YOU YOUR LIMITED VIP COMMEMORATIVE TOUR AMULET! It's not your fault--our ours--that the show was cancelled, so you're still receiving your charm in the mail.

Again, Juggalos, we're super f****** sorry about this and hopefully we can perform for our San Diego Juggalos at some point in the future. MCL!"

Back in 2010, ICP explained "Faygo Physics":

Here's fan-shot footage of "Faygo Armageddon" at Juggalo 2015 Weekend at the Masonic Temple in Detroit:

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