I was talking with this bartender chick last night (no I was not at a bar drinking on Sunday! Ok I was.) She told me it started as a good night with some buddies drinking beer around a campfire, and ended with a 32 year old Kentucky guy facing 5 years in prison. Some hillbillies decided to have a big bonfire party in a field next to one of the guys houses, and about 50 people showed up at this party, and 32 year old guy named Dale ends up hooking up with this fat chick,. Fat chicks name was Lori, and she was kind of the local town s___.

Everyone called her Lori, but drunk Dale didn't care, he figured what the hell, he was up for a little hogging that night. So he grabbed Lori and they snuck off into the woods and Dale bent her over a fallen tree, and they did the dirty deal. Well, next morning drunk Dale wakes up, and his penis is all swollen and red! And he figures Lori gave him some sort of STD, and this dude dale is pissed! Dale figures he needs to go to the doctor right away, and on the way to the hospital, Dale realizes that he is going to drive right by Loris house and decides that since she gave him VD, he is going to burn her house down!

Dude pulls over, grabs a gas can out of the back of his pick up truck, pours it all over her porch and the side of her house and lights that b____ up, and then gets back in his truck and continues on to the hospital. When he go to the hospital and the doctor examined the guys penis, he explained to Dale that his penis was not red and swollen because Lori gave him and STD, it was swollen and red because the guy had suffered multiple mosquito bites on it! And at that moment, Dale thought..."oh crap, maybe I shouldn't have burned Lori's house down huh" And he should not have. Cops were waiting for Dale when he got home, and arrested and charged him with arson, and now the dudes looking at something like 5 years in Prison!

Lori's ok by the way, she never came home that night, she ended up hooking up with another guy after she did Dale, so her house was empty when it burned to the ground.