I’m digging the snarky nature of the Detroit Tigers Twitter feed.

Yesterday they tweeted out asking who would like to hang out at Comerica Park on June 23rd and 24th, as they are promoting the upcoming season.

Well, Twitter user Zach replied,

Can I bring my wife? Just kidding she left me

OHMYGOSH the quick response back from the Tigers immediately made a bunch of us fall in love with their twitter account,

Makes sense. You're a Red Sox fan.

Which they could tell because Zach’s profile picture proudly displays his team love.  The Tigers, not quite as savage as Wendy’s is on Twitter, replied back:

You're a good sport, Zach. You should come to Comerica Park, take a bunch of photos and then set some thirst traps. Remind her that she made a mistake leaving you.

When Zach asked with a ‘Stepbrothers’ gif if they were now best friends, the response back was,

Let's not push it. Again, you are a Red Sox fan...

Ok, maybe they are a close second  in savagery.  All in all, good fun… and now it has us all ready to spend time with the Tigers at Comerica Park this upcoming baseball season.

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