Sometimes I forget lunch at work. Actually that happens quite frequently. I get up in the morning, forget to make my lunch the previous night, get to work, and realize that once again I have to blow money on food that I have a bunch of at home. However, there are sometimes that I am 100% OK with forgetting to bring food.

The end result? Freshii's Teriyaki Twist bowl.

This is in no way some sort of paid advertisement for Freshii, but damn, that bowl of veggies, sauce, weird black seeds, and chicken is fan-freakin-tastic. I add a hint of Sriracha to it as well to give it a little heat.

Chances are if you walk into McKay Tower sometime downtown, you'll see me in line as the not very fit guy wearing a GWAR shirt with all sorts of athletic men and women wearing suits surrounding me as I get my free cup of water.

Don't judge me suits...

I dominated those veggies (Photo:
I dominated those veggies (Photo:



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