While the Lions won't be playing in the Big Game, one West Michigan puppy has punched its ticket to its own Big Game.

Coming in with one of the cutest names ever, Dolly Barkon from the Big Lake Humane Society in Muskegon will be trying her luck in Animal Planet's 20th annual Puppy Bowl. If you aren't aware of the Puppy Bowl, while one-half of America is watching entertaining ads and men tackle each other, the other half is watching cute puppies play together on a tiny football field. Or if you're like me, you're watching both because how can you possibly choose one over the other?

A chance encounter gave the beagle mix the opportunity of a lifetime when she was rescued and her foster family had a connection to someone in the Puppy Bowl. Alexis Robertson, the Executive Director at Big Lake Humane Society, tells Dolly's story:


“Her foster had a friend that actually worked with the Puppy Bowl. So she came to visit this summer and saw Dolly and said she's absolutely perfect for the Puppy Bowl,”

So yeah, it really is who you know sometimes, and in Dolly's case, she was definitely barking up the right tree. If you want to see Dolly in the Puppy Bowl, it will take place on February 11th at 2 PM ET on Animal Planet. If you want to watch the Bowl with the superstar herself, Big Lake Humane Society is hosting a watch pawty. It will feature tacos, Bloody Marys, games, prizes, raffles, and adoptable pets!

Otherwise, if you can't wait till then, check out this video of the pup's *intense* training regime.

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