Mothers are amazing for so many reasons, but after all these years, my mom still surprises me with how prepared she is for everything.

Most moms and grand mothers are prepared for just about anything. If you don't believe me, go to the beach or go on vacation and you will be very surprised in a pinch what they may have tucked away in their purse, bag or even vehicle.

My son and I went to visit my parents this weekend and it sure was great to be in their presence once again, because thanks to stupid COVID-19 it has been way too long.

Like normal, we visited on Friday night and mom asks if my son and I said we were hungry and of course...we said yes.

So my mom fixes up a snack for my son and she heated up some roast, potatoes and carrots for me. By the way, the potatoes, carrots and onions came from dad's garden. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the side of corn bread. Needless to say, it was delicious

There is one meal mom makes that has been a favorite of my mine my entire life and that is biscuits and gravy with some eggs, homemade jelly, bacon and sausage and it's the kind of breakfast where you are full all day.

Well now that I've made you hungry, I might as well tell you just how prepared my mom is...for anything.

When it comes to average or normal emergencies, I'm not even worried when my mom is around because no matter how big or small, she knows what to do and has it in the cabinet somewhere.

There have even been Christmases when a friend would just drop in out of nowhere, then my mom disappears for a moment, and comes out a room with a wrapped gift for the person that is perfect and none of us knew that person was coming including my mom.

We were going to head up to my sister's house to spend a day at the pool and I wanted to get her in-laws a thank you card to for allowing us to stay at their house up north on vacation and told my mom I needed to make a stop at the store on the way. Of course she goes, "wait a minute, let me check my spare cards."

I'm like, "spare cards? Who has spare cards?", and mom goes, "I do."

Now I get having spare Christmas cards and maybe an extra birthday card but not the display she proceeded to sift through.

She goes to her desk and doesn't pull out just two or three cards, it was like a mini Hallmark store. There were birthday cards for all ages, sympathy cards, graduation cards, cards for males or females, cards of encouragement, congratulatory and of course an assortment of thank you cards.

I was blown away and how many situational cards she had stashed away and the variety of choices she had to offer.

I had five thank you cards to choose from and I felt like I was at the store, no not that one, not that one, definitely not that one, but it's one of these two and then boom...I make my decision on the perfect card.

My mom is something else and definitely prepared for anything...even the correct card to give someone in a pinch.

I love you mom, you are truly amazing!

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