West Michigan has been hit pretty hard because of the pandemic but Davenport University is stepping up to help the unemployed.

While many of those in West Michigan who were laid off or even let go due to the shutdown because of COVID-19 are back to work. There are so many who are still unemployed and may have to make a career change because of the lack of career jobs available.

According to FOX 17, Davenport University will be offering anyone who lost their full time job after March 1, 2020 a free communications class to help get them back into the job market.

The class Davenport is offering is basically a way to help those looking for work market themselves at a higher level. Plus this class will come getting your resume updated and help you dial in the perfect cover letter.

It the digital world we live in today, a great online resume and cover letter can go a long way in finding that new career or getting you back in the career you had before the losing employment.

The course that Davenport is offering will focus on a variety of areas involved in the interview process from digital to that physical one on one interview when closing in on a new job.

The free class will last seven weeks and will be about 12 hours of classwork per week. If you are off work, this is a great opportunity to fill some of your time while getting your future dialed in once again.

The class will feature the opportunity for those looking to get coached on getting back into the workforce and this may be stuff that you never learned back in the day and could be something that could really help you as well as give you the skills to show this level of training to a family member or a friend.

If you are interested in taking the free class, you have until May 10 to get your application in. If you need more information just go here or phone 800.686.1600.

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