I think all Michiganders will love this. If you were driving down I-75 you may have been witness to this, a road sign displaying the message: “I-75 close ahead due to loose gorilla.” HAH! Some pranksters with some mad hacking skills if you ask me got in there and did some road sign damage!

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, the awesomely not true message was not caught by MDOT officials until the following morning, and admittedly, they have no idea how someone managed to hack the sign.

As of now, no criminal complaint has been filed, but an MDOT spokesperson says that they are looking into the incident and doing what they can to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.

Of course no one has complained... this is awesome! I love driving down the road when people have changed the sign! Just the other day I saw a sign for "SWEET CORN AND PEACHES" You dont know how bad I wanted to change it to, "SWEET PORN"

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