This was just stupid. These dummies thought it would be hilarious to dress up like KKK members for Halloween. What a hilarious joke! There's no way that wearing the iconic garb of a hate group that evokes rage, terror and disgust for the majority of Americans could go poorly, right? Or maybe they weren't joking? Perhaps they just got busted doing a bunch of legitimate KKK wankery in their little KKK hats.

Yeah, that makes a lot more sense, doesn't it?

What makes this story even more lurid is the fact that the husband of the mayor of Lahoma,OK, where this took place, was present and robed at this "Halloween bonfire" (i.e. racist circle-jerk).

The mayor's husband claims, "no crosses were actually burned," as if that somehow makes all of this better.

Mayor Theresa Sharp says she, "doesn't condone" her husband or anyone else doing this. Well that makes it all better.