Remember a few years ago when iPhone users across the globe claimed their phones were purposely being slowed down or randomly shut off? Maybe you noticed it on your phone too. Well, turns out it was true and Apple now has to cough up $500 million in a class-action lawsuit.
The processors of iPhones that had older batteries were purposely being slowed after updates. This led some customers to believe there was something wrong with their phone & several upgraded to a new iPhone. Let’s be honest, that was the tech giant’s goal the entire time.
While Apple never technically admitted to causing the slowdowns on purpose they did own up that models with older lithium-ion batteries
...are incapable of handling peak current draws with the same effectiveness of iPhones with newer batteries and more efficient processors... (via
Either way, this resulted in a lawsuit against Apple and now you can get a piece of the pie. While $500M is a ton of money, with thousands and thousands of people qualifying, it will only amount to $25 per eligible device. Which barely makes a dent in the cost of an iPhone but hey, at least it’s something, right?
In order to qualify you must have had:
  • An iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and/or an iPhone SE that ran iOS 10.2.1 or later before December 21st, 2017
  • An iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus that ran iOS 11.2 or later before December 21st, 2017

You can file your claim here. If you had more than one iPhone that qualifies, you must file a claim for each one.

If you don’t have the serial number of the phone(s) or receipt number, you can input your info and the website can search for it and find your serial number. I tried it with mine, and it worked. You then can choose if you want the money mailed or directly deposited into your bank account.

You have until October 6, 2020 to file your claim or exclude yourself from it. The only reason why you'd want to do that is if you plan on suing Apple personally, which sounds like a lot of work so just get your $25 and be happy.

Apple goes for a Fairness Hearing on December 4 so assuming all goes well and there’s no appeals, your payment will be processed immediately.

Any questions or concerns you have can be found on the FAQ page.

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