It's everywhere.

On Tuesday, Ellen Degeneres had the folks behind the viral sensation on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to discuss its origins -- and she rewarded them.

The whole thing started thanks to the impending wedding of a Scottish couple, Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnson.

MacPhee's mother was trying to pick out something to wear for the ceremony, so she sent Grace the picture of that dress.


Immediately, they disagreed on the colors. Mom was there, so obviously she knew it was blue and black. (Yes, it really is.)

But Grace thought it was white and gold. So, she asked Keir, and he saw it as blue and black, too.

They started showing the picture around, and after weeks of everybody arguing over the color, one of their friends posted it on Tumblr -- where it went viral.

Long story short, Ellen had them all on her show, and she gave MacPhee and Kier a honeymoon in Grenada and $10,000. She also gave them all Ellen underwear that's half blue and black and half white and gold.