I was drinking at the Griffins game Saturday night, and of course the topic of Tea Bagging came up, and then I was told this story! Two brothers Brian and Steve, they both worked for the same insurance company. It was Brian, Steve, Marissa and Lori who were all at an insurance convention in Dallas Texas representing the same company. They all worked together. Here is where it gets funny.

You know what a tea bag is right? A little bag tea that you dip in your cup of hot water to make tea. And if your dipping the tea bag in and out and in and out of the hot water, some might call it tea bagging. Tea bagging also has another meaning. The term tea bagging is sometimes used when a man rests his scrotum on a passed out chicks face and takes a picture of it!

Brian and Steve and their co workers Marissa and Lori were in the hotel bar drinking heavily after a long day at the seminar. Around 11pm Marissa started to get pretty damn drunk and she ordered a round of shots for everyone. Lori, the party pooper had to leave early because she had to go back to the room to do some stupid skype stuff with her husband, and she told Brian and Steve to take care of Marissa, who was still drinking heavily. Marissa and Lori were sharing room by the way. 1:30am rolls around, and Marissa passes out in the bar. No problem, Brian and Steve make sure she's nice and comfy in a booth, and continue drinking. 3am rolls around, Brian and Steve are balls to the wall freaking wasted ass hammered, and Marissa is still passed out. So they decide to call it a night, and they each grab one of Marissa arms and carry her to the elevator.

Right about this time, Lori is getting very worried about Marissa, and decided to head down stairs and check on her. In the elevator, Marissa is totally passed out and Brian and Steve decide it would be really funny if they tea bagged her. You remember what tea bagging is right? Brian decides he's the guy who's going do the tea bagging and Steve is going take a picture of it. All this is going on in the elevator by the way, and just as Brain is lowering his scrotum onto Marissa’s face, the elevator door opens, and there stands Lori! And with a look of shock and horror in her eyes, Lori begins to scream. That screaming woke passed out Marissa up, and when she looked up, well surprise surprise! There was Brian’s nut sack dangling in her face! Of course its probably only funny to you and I, it wasn’t funny to Marissa or Lori at the time, and it wasn’t funny to Brian or Steve when they were immediately fired from their insurance company as soon as they got home.


So I guess the lesson we learned here is, if you get caught tea bagging a passed out female co-worker, as funny as it might be, you will be terminated, no doubt about it! I can just see that guy at his next interview….”So Brian…what happened at your last job?”….” oh I was fired because I tea bagged this drunk passed out chick I worked with in an elevator!” Awesome!

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