This story is a perfect example of the old saying "No good deed goes unpunished."

Portland, OR man Dillon Reagan was at work at Home Depot back in May when he was alerted to a domestic dispute in the parking lot.  Reagan says that when he went outside, a woman was screaming, saying that someone was trying to kidnap her child.  He called the police, who instructed him to follow the alleged kidnapper on foot until they were there.  After the police arrived, Reagan gave his statement to them and then returned to work, where he was reprimanded by a manager and told that he should have returned to work.

Over a month later, Dillon was fired by the Home Depot.  They said that by helping out the woman in distress and her child, he violated company policy.  But after some backlash, his former employer said that they took a second look at the situation and offered Reagan his job back.

He turned them down, saying that he hopes that his next employer wouldn't have to take a second look at a similar situation.  Probably a good choice.

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