One of my most interesting memories of hockey was when I was at a hockey game a really long time. It was a Grand Rapids Griffins game to be exact, one of my first ones. I love going to the Griffins games, they are always a lot of fun. However, I always wondered if a hockey puck would leave the ice sometime.

I was sitting pretty high up, in the upper bowl area. Most likely enjoying a hot dog or something and I remember seeing a puck just soar into the air. Like a foul ball at a baseball game.

This puck was flying insanely fast! Then I saw some older bald gentleman in the stands and the puck just cracked him right in the head! He barely reacted to it, got up, and I am sure went to the medical area of the arena. I never really saw what happened to that guy and I sure he was fine.

But man, that guy just got nailed! Since then, they have put up protective barriers to prevent that from happening.

Don't let this scare you though! When you get into viewing a sport, just be alert to what is going on. Plus, the chance of you getting hit by these things is as common as getting struck by lightning! Also, if you are standing right next to the rink, you're kind of asking for it.

If you enjoy not getting hit in the face with hockey pucks and REALLY enjoy watching hockey or maybe even playing in it, you should check out our WGRD Pond Hockey Classic at the end of the month!