If Lantern Flies weren't bad enough, the Centers for Disease Control are warning that the 'kissing bug' is heading north. Luckily, I'm a bad kisser.

The CDC says the bug, officially known as the triatomine bug, has made its way as far north as Delaware.

A Delaware child was bitten by the bug while watching TV last summer, and this week the CDC confirmed it was a triatomine.

The 'kissing bug' originated in South America and has been moving north as temperatures warm. So far, the bug has yet to be found in Michigan, although we are right on the line of where they have been reported, specifically in Ohio and Indiana.


The kissing bug is so called because it likes to bite humans on the mouth. Its bite can carry diseases like Chagas Disease, but a bite isn't always infectious. In the Delaware case, the child had no signs of disease.

More bugs! Just what we always wanted. Again, feel free to smush this and all bugs until further notice.


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