Have you ever heard of balls for your dryer?

Now I have seen a few balls hanging from the back of the hitch on some pickup trucks or a live bull, I've even heard of balls for fabric softener for the washer, but I have never heard of dryer balls.

Well my parents were in town this past weekend, and my mom never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge about ways to keep things clean around the house. She seems to know every trick in the book and then some.

When I got my new house a year and a half ago and got the beds ready, she had already picked up some comforters for the beds which was totally awesome. Well this weekend on her visit she was going to offer to wash my comforters but I noticed a little disappointment when I told her I had washed them just a few weeks ago.

It turns out she had brought a little something or should I say,"somethings", along for trip to help me out at the house.

After that, my son and I returned from being outside, mom says, "Hey, I got something to show you."

I noticed the dryer was on when I entered the house which is the very first room to your left when you walk in the door. Mom asks me to step in for a second, she wanted to show me something.

She opens up the dryer and had apparently washed the pillows that are on the guest bedroom bed. So she reaches in the dryer and pulls out this white ball and says, "have you ever heard of dryer balls?" At first I chuckled on the inside, well because I'm an immature guy, then I said the obvious question, "what are dryer balls mom?"

Mom begins to tell me dryer balls are used for when you wash comforters and pillows and they bounce around in the dryer to keep the filler for both of them even. I am sure you have washed a comforter or a pillow and had the stuffing move to one side before and you have to kind of shake the pillow or comforter around to spread it back around.

So this is where the dryer balls come in, you put a half of dozen of the wool filled dryer balls in the dryer and they bang around with your comforter or pillows and keep them even.

Well it actually worked. The pillows looked brand new and the filling was all evenly spread out just like I when I had bought them.

According to mom, if you get any dryer balls, get the ones that are made of wool and they won't break apart (apparently she had a bad experience with some other dryer balls) and your bedding and pillows will come out great.

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