If you have never went turkey hunting, its something you can do while social distancing and you may be surprised how enjoyable it can be.

Many years ago the state of Michigan released turkeys back into the wild and the birds really took off and created some big numbers all across the state.

Turkey season happens in April and runs through in May in most counties across Michigan.

Turkey's by nature are a very territorial bird so using calls and decoys can really bring some fun to the hunt.

Unlike hunting other animals or even fishing, its one outdoor sport where you really communicate with the animal while using your turkey call and you will be surprised how the birds will communicate back with you.

I have found using a pop up blind similar to what you may use for deer hunting works really well because Turkey's can see just the slightest movement and the blind can really conceal your movement.

When hunting this tasty game bird, you will be surprised at the different personalities different birds have. Some gobble more than others. Some will run right in for a decoy or gobble call. Some Tom's won't gobble at all. Others will never get closer than 80 yards hoping your decoys will move to the big gobbler.

If you already have deer hunting camouflage that will do just fine and all you need is a shotgun, bow, crossbow or muzzle loader. Just make sure and take a look at the Michigan DNR turkey handbook for the proper types of shot or broad-head to use with your weapon of choice.

I find it relaxing and a great way to introduce your people into hunting. No turkey hunt is the same as the last one and if you have a good spot, you should be able to find a lot of joy for many years to come.

Good luck on bagging that gobbler.

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