Today on Segment 16, the guys have found some great seats for the Live at Night show, they show the face of a guy who failed his safe-cracking attempt and moved on to other booty, and then the Tim Tebow.

First up, there are still a few great seats left for the Live at Night show Saturday night, but some of them are handicap seating. So the guys are looking to you to buy these tickets! You know you want to come to the show!

Then, Joe shows the face of a man who failed his safe-cracking attempt in a retirement home, and then you have to guess what the would-be burglar decided his second choice would be. What did he take instead?

Finally, Tim Tebow hit a home run, and the guys talk about the bet between Joe and Free Beer, and Joe's lack of faith in the former footballer's baseball skills.

I mean, c'mon...the guy can't even find the on-deck circle!

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