Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about some of the Laughfest 2017 shows this week, and Free Beer hosting Iliza on Friday night. Then, Free Beer goes insane and tries to give away a big secret piece of the Grand Rapids Live at Night Show.

The guys are hosting different Laughfest events over the next few days, and you should get your tickets if you haven't yet, because there are some great headliners for this year's Laughfest!

Free Beer received a box from Amazon with a piece of the show for the Grand Rapids Live at Night show, and he really wanted to show it to the other guys and talk about it. This was quickly shot down by the rest of the gang, and the video has been embargoed. I wish we could show you, but then I'd probably be killed.

You're just going to have to wait, and get your tickets to the show!

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