I got a 0 tolerance level for psycho chicks. Drinking with a guy at the bar last weekend and this story came up. 44 year Chicago guy gets a booty text from his ex girlfriend, and she says she’s drunk and she wants to hook it up. You know, no strings attached just come over, do me, and leave.

So 44 year old dude thinks his ex is a little crazy, but she’s hot as balls so he figures, why not? That was the guys first mistake. His 40 year old ex tells him to just come meet at her house. Dude says ok. But right before the guy got there, chick texts him again, and tells him to meet her in the ally a few blocks from her house instead. So dude says ok. That was his 2nd mistake. I mean, come on! What kind of psycho chick wants to meet for a booty call in an alley?! Didn’t that sound just a little suspicious to the guy? Well, it should of.

Because when the guy showed up in the ally (and I’m not making this next part up) when the guy showed up in the ally, two Ninjas jumped out an attacked the guy! They had Ninja sticks, and Ninja weapons and they beat the snot out of the guy! They even threw Ninja throwing stars at the guy! (cops ended up picking them up off the ground and collecting them as evidence afterwards) Dude was finally able to call the cops after the 2 Ninjas were finished beating the crap out of the guy, and when the cops were taking his statement they put it together pretty quickly and realized the guy was lured to the alley by his ex girlfriend.

So they went to her house , and she admitted to everything, said it was her and her new boyfriend that were dressed as the ninjas that beat the crap out of the guy. She said they loved Ninja movies, and they both hated her ex boyfriend, and decided it would be fun to dress up as Ninjas and attack the guy. Cops arrested both the psycho 40 year old ex girlfriend Ninja chick and her new ninja boyfriend and charged them with aggravated domestic violence, aggravated battery, unlawful use of weapons, and armed violence.


Guys, come on! Nothing wrong with a late night booty call or text, but you got to be smarter than that! That guy should have never fallen for the old, ‘lets have sex in the ally’ trick! What douche!

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