Okay, this is pretty funny. There has been some montion before of Tinder's API being open to different kinds of abuse, and there have been some fun things done because of it. But now, someone has played a great joke with their hack!

They paired up two straight guys with each other, and they didn't even know it!

Both guys thought they were messaging with a real woman, and the hack bounced their messages to each other, blocking phone numbers, and keeping each one in the dark about the sex of the other party.

Both guys missed the little clues that there was something wonky going on, like when one of them messaged:

'Your application to be my next ex-wife has been submitted.'

via TheVerge.com

No flags? No hesitation?

Luckily, the hacker stepped in when things got to the meet IRL point. I guess he felt guilty about the thought of the possible brawl in Central Park when they both showed up wearing pink carnations and carrying boxes of chocolates.

LESSON: Beware of what you post or message. You have NO IDEA who's really on the other end!