This guy in Nebraska got busted for carrying weed in a container labeled "not weed."

Above is not the actual container from the incident. This one I made myself. Pretty impressive, right?

Looks like I've got some real not weed container-making skills.

Jordan Meijer, 21, of Lincoln, Nebr., is obviously a really smart dude.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that not only did Meier allegedly get pulled over for drunk driving on Saturday night, he also got busted for reported possession of marijuana, which he kept in a sour cream container labeled "not weed."

I don't know how police ever saw through this clever Jedi-mind trick.

I mean, I'd probably just be like: "Hey guys, this drunk guy is just driving around with some sour cream. I'm sure it's definitely not weed, because, you know, it's written right on there."

These cops, though, decided to open the container. They allegedly found 11 grams of pot and Meier was arrested for driving under the influence and marijuana possession.