Gun Lake Casino, like the other casinos, is planning to re-open soon, but they are waiting just a little bit longer than the others before opening their doors.

Their phases reopening plan begins Monday, June 8th at 8 am.

In a letter on the Gun Lake Casino website, Sal Semola, the President and Cheif Operating Officer of Gun Lake Casino, said during the closure they’ve been taking care of their team members, but also spending hundreds of hours thinking about how to keep guests, team members and the community at large safe when they reopen.

He says in his letter that the casino has started the Play It Safe Initiative, which means each department operating within Gun Lake Casino has developed specific policies and procedures that adapt to the new circumstances and are updated as new information is passed along from the CDC and the WHO as well as Gun Lake Tribal Health and Human Services Department.

When they reopen June 8th, you’ll notice, just like at the other casinos, gaming tables reconfigured and other safeguards in place to protect everyone. During this first phase of their reopening, casino staff will also be requiring everyone, both employees and guests, to wear a face mask.

They'll also be primarily smoke-free as the press release states, meaning you'll probably have to go outside to smoke.

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