Michigan's Court of Appeals has shot down the ban on guns outside of polling stations.

According to WOOD, the court voted 3 - 0 to decline the gun ban outside polling stations after a judge said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson had exceeded her authority in prohibiting open carry of guns within 100 feet of a polling place.

Michigan is a right to carry state not to mention there are already laws on the books that are against intimidating voters whether it be a gun, knife, baseball bat, fist or any behavior that is considered menacing to others. These are already a felony so the court didn't believe an additional ban was necessary.

I personally agree with the decision since there are already laws in place that offer citizens protection.

Now like many of you, I am a gun guy, I have them for hunting and those same hunting guns can be used for protection if needed. I don't have an open carry permit simply because for me personally I have never felt it necessary. I also have no problem with someone who does.

Heck recently a Michigan woman with an open carry permit stopped a man who stabbed another customer in a Meijer store who was trying to flee. She didn't have to shoot and put out the situation safely under the circumstances. That is a great example of properly using an open carry permit. This potentially saved lives.

I have no problem with open carry pistols for protection but here is where perhaps you and I may differ, I don't think it is necessary to openly carry an AK47 or any type of semi automatic long rifle.

In the history of Michigan and elections all across the country, it has never been necessary to bring a rifle to a polling station. We are in America where for registered voters, it is our right to vote.

The reason on differ on pistols and side arms whether visible or in a purse, those are for protection. Things are not that bad where you need an oversized clip in a long rifle just to carry around a polling station.

I have reasoned with this way of thinking and why someone would feel the need to take a military type of weapon to a polling station. I couldn't come up with one reason other than those who feel the need to intimidate other voters.

We should be encouraging people to vote rather than intimidating them when they get to the polls.

No matter your political views, voting is your way to be heard and everyone should feel their vote matters, counts and should feel comfortable when they visit their voting station, not intimidated by homegrown want a be mercenaries.

If we all begin to carry machine guns around, Michigan and America will look more like a military state vs the land of the free.

Gun owners should be the first to encourage others to vote, but do it verbally and not by brandishing a weapon, you don't need to.

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