Grand Rapids' Gray Skies Distillery shared a post to Facebook that got people talking and prompted lots of questions.

On November 8, the Ottawa Ave. Distillery shared a photo of the front of their building featuring a sign that reads, "They Gray Skies are Clearing, Big News Coming."

Later in the week, Gray Skies clarified, saying they aren't closing, but they ARE getting a new name:

We’ve gotten some questions, so just to clarify: we did not sell, we are not moving, all products will remain intact, the logo will remain the same, our bottles will look almost identical.

We are changing our name, which we will begin operating under later this week. More details will be released soon.

In the meantime, come grab your soon to be collectors edition. Gray Skies bottles today, open 2pm-8pm!

The owners describe Gray Skies as a "small batch distillery and cocktail cocktail bar. Gray Skies spirits are a distillation of the Midwest, Michigan, Grand Rapids and our neighborhood." Gray Skies opened at 700 Ottawa Ave. NW in 2016.

Gray Skies has yet to reveal what the new name will be. Overcast Skies? Partly Cloudy Skies? Or, given what's headed towards us this week, "Winter Weather Advisory Skies"?

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